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The goal of Bitcoin.com is to continue the original vision of Bitcoin and help spread peer-to-peer electronic cash to the world by making it accessible through our products and services.
"Bitcoin.com aims to make trading with your fellow man an inalienable human right. We are fighting for the global adoption of permissionless, uncensorable money.” - Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin,.com
What an exciting time for the world! We are building a FinTech work culture like no other, with a suite of perks and working environment that is unrivaled. Our mission is changing the world, and plotting a new course for human history. I hope what you see excites you, and we are equally excited to speak with you.
Bitcoin.com's commitment to incredible marketing and user experiences is unprecedented and world-class. We are driven to reach the many billions of people on this planet with all things related to Bitcoin Cash and Cryptocurrencies, as well as Blockchain information. The CRM Manager plays a pivotal role in creating the framework by which we can achieve that reach. Our growing marketing team has loads of fun, and this role is a blast for anyone who loves reaching people, inspiring, but also is structured in setting up marketing campaigns via technology. We can't wait to speak with you.

Activities including planning, implementation, management and reporting for:

  • In-app onboarding and email welcome series automation
  • Behavioural triggers for in-app messages and push notifications
  • Sales nurture and cross-promotion via customer email campaigns
  • Customer Life Cycle management across different Geo’s, and a broad product portfolio
  • Campaign localisation for dozens of countries
  • Monitoring profitability to focus efforts on segment targeting and funnels optimisation
  • Management of IAMs, Push, Email, and possibly SMS Data management inside the CRM platform
  • Campaign reporting using our CRM platform (automation performance, ad hoc campaign metrics, monthly reports, segment reports, product performance reports, trends analysis)
  • Dashboard creation and maintenance including revenue forecasting
  • Create target audiences and have a solid understanding of segmentation and cohorts
  • eCommerce CRM campaign management

Skills and Experience

  • Excellent commercial awareness gained from a professional background
  • Highly organised with a strategic approach to planning CRM campaigns
  • Team player having worked in a professional environment within a digital marketing team B2C background, ideally with some B2B
  • Hands-on experience of B2C Enterprise CRM solutions such as Braze, Leanplum, Marketo, etc.
Come join us in the revolution of bringing Cryptocurrency to the people!! You are the initiator!
We are serious about what we do, but more importantly, we have a ton of fun doing it. Our modern and progressive culture is on the cutting-edge of technology, marketing, operations, and FinTech. To match the nature of the decentralized currency revolution, we too have designed our workplace to be a globally distributed force, and have created work experiences based on transparency, productivity, trust, and passion.
We can't wait to show you more, please send us your interest so we can speak right away!
Jared Stone, Head of HR & The Entire Bitcoin.com Team

How to apply

contact us!!!


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